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What is this place?

The Hive Kitchen Market

The Hive Kitchen Market is a working commercial kitchen and marketplace.  


The community can buy food made in the kitchen from the market and support the small businesses within.


Most of the small businesses in the kitchen also take special orders and you can explore what they have to offer on the Who's in the Kitchen page.

Making the Dough


We are a commercial incubator kitchen which means that small businesses rent space to cook, bake and create their products!  We are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed by providing affordable kitchen space and consulting.

We are also a ghost or cloud kitchen which means that corporations use our kitchen facilities when needed. That could be a delivery order overflow space. The Hive has been rented for preparing promotional meals while storefront locations are being built as well. 


We are a market! We sell food made on location in the kitchen as well as from other small local businesses. There is a fantastic selection of home goods and unique gifts as well as food!  All our vendors are small local creative entrepreneurs.


The Hive Kitchen member chefs, bakers, manufacturers and charcuterie creators stock the market as often as they can. We keep a variety of items for you to choose from. Fresh food is sold daily on a "while supplies last" basis.


You will find: Bakery items, Prepared Heat & Eat Meals, small batch manufactured specialty foods & Charcuterie items. See an updated list of available market foods on our In the Market Today page.   


Best of all... everything you buy in our store supports a small local business!

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